Stacey Bartlett

Stacey Bartlett is our Artist of the Month for May. Stacey has been doing some energetic figure studies at Artists’ Open Studio. Her impressive drawings and paintings create a bit of fantasy for the viewer. Stacey lives in Norwalk with her twin sister. Stacey’s painting “Faceless Woman” is touring the state with the VSA Accessible Expressions Ohio 2014 exhibit. Some of her art is for sale. For inquiries, please contact Lynda Stoneham at 419-668-8840 ext. 141 or

Bartlett S - Sunset Glow copy 100_4004
Bartlett S - Laddie in the Pumpkin Patch copy 100_3927
Bartlett S - Knight in Shining Armor 100_3697
Bartlett S - Faceless Woman 100_3675b
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